Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starred Review for Yetta!

When I first saw the galley pages of BEAUTIFUL YETTA in real life, I got verklempt. In the publisher's office. What? It was from happiness!

Yes, I am tremendously proud of this book. It's the first picture book of mine to be released and it is just loaded with charm. So naturally I'm kvelling over this review. I LOVE YETTA!

by Daniel Pinkwater, illustrated by Jill Pinkwater
Feiwel & Friends, 5/25/10

Kirkus, Starred Review:

Danger! Escape! Mean urban streets! Heroism! Community! Wacky but warm-hearted words from Pinkwater! A Yiddish-speaking chicken escapes her Friday-night-dinner doom and wanders through streets of Brooklyn that are filled with tall buildings, rats, buses and selfish pigeons. When she saves a lovely green bird from a cat, the grateful flock of wild parrots adopts her as their loving leader, and she becomes their doting mother. Really! The breathlessly ingenuous narration is all in English, and the conversations are in Yiddish (for the chicken) and Spanish (for the parrots)—translated and transliterated in speech bubbles. It’s a very funny and spirited story that everyone can read aloud in English. Honestly! Jill Pinkwater’s brightly colored cartoon illustrations on a white background imbue each animal with personality, while the page layout moves readers briskly through fast-paced action sequences. A delicious, loopy romp to savor whether it’s Friday or not. Truly!


  1. congrats to you! Yetta looka wonderful! So happy for you and your very talented author!

  2. Great to see your most excellent taste on this here blog. And I do so love a Pinkwater picture book. Huzzah to you!

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Thanks, dear agent, for matching that book up with the right editor and publisher. We think you are great!



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