Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tell me on a Sunday

Yesterday I was the mc at a huge event for Erin Hunter's super-popular WARRIORS series. Tomorrow I'm throwing a party for two awesome authors, Mr. David Levithan & Mr. John Green. So today is a break from work. A brief island of time in which I am not rushing around like a madman. Instead I am trying to catch up with my backlog of emails, do critiques for an upcoming conference, read client manuscripts and... oh wait, all of that is work, and there is a ton of it.

Good thing I love my job! :-)

In other news:

I know that some readers are here from Absolute Write, where I had an Ask the Agent thread for a long time. I ended that yesterday, and already I am feeling the need to dish out advice. So if there's anything agentish, bookstoreish, bookish, or just general that you want to know, post a question in comments and I will pick the most interesting and useful to answer.


  1. I have a question...Will you please send my love to John and David?


  2. Here's mine: When you get a form rejections from agents, how can you know if your manuscript is unpublishable crap or if you just haven't found the right agent yet?

  3. A party for David Levithan and John Green! Oh, how awesome! *fangirls*

    I actually have two questions, but please feel free to answer just one of them (or none!).

    1. If a novel is set in a dystopian Earth (some hundred or so years into the future) but contains magic, would it be classified as dystopian or high fantasy? Or just fantasy?

    2. Is the market/your query pool saturated with fairytale retellings at the present?

  4. I have a question: when someone who has queried you or submitted you a partial/full, and they notify you that they received an offer of representation, do you look at that project differently? When I read agent success stories, I notice that when one agent bites, others one start to do so as well. I would love to hear your perspective on this.

  5. T-Rex9:07 AM

    Hi Jennifer, so pleased you're blogging :-) I’d be interested in getting your views on when an agented writer should start feeling worried about their agent. There’s a lot of agented writers on AbsoluteWrite and other forums, posting anonymously and expressing their concerns about lack of communication from their agents and whether it’s time to sever ties. These are usually reputable agents but some time into the subbing process, communication starts dropping off and emails are no longer responded to within the week like used to be the case – or at all. So maybe a blog post on ‘when a writer should be worried about their agent’. Or similar.

  6. I just saw that you had ended your thread at AW, which I will miss enormously. Thank you again for your time and advice. And patience.


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