Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jenny, Resting

I honestly remember very little of the last week. Traumatizing heat, horrific crowds, running around like a madman... but that makes it sound bad.  Book Expo wasn't bad, it was fun and productive. But it was still hard.

Like running a marathon in heels.

Then visiting a filthy sauna. Still in heels.

As always, I am excited when it's coming, and thrilled when it's over.

Now I am going to spend a week relaxing in my borrowed apartment on a gorgeous treelined street in Brooklyn.  Oh, there will be meeting-of-editors, but more over drinks or just out for coffee than anything boring and official. And there will be reading. Lots of reading. And staring out the window at the garden.


Now as to the loot I got... well, to be honest, I am not a picker-up of books. I try NOT to get books whenever possible, actually, because I have enough to read and most every galley comes to my office anyway.  But there was one item I simply could not resist bringing home:

I am a huge fan of Jennifer Donnelly, and I am so super-excited to read REVOLUTION later in the week. But first, my unwind-comfort reading, purchased at the wonderful Greenlight Book Store in my newly adopted neighborhood:
I have read every Shoe book a thousand times, but not for a while. I plan to curl up in a windowseat overlooking the rose garden and read. With a mug of tea. Then I will be able to approach my dear Client manuscripts, and also my ginormous pile of requested fulls, with a light heart. 

I am sure I will blog more soon, since I finally have time... but if I don't, or either way, have a great long weekend, everybody!  :-)

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  1. Have fun with your reading - sounds like a very good plan!


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