Thursday, September 23, 2010


In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I was not the agent for either one of these delightful picture books. The business of picture book making can be glacially slow, so though they are both brand-new in stores, they were actually sold to their respective publishers many years ago.  That means you won't find them in my Sidebar o' Sales. But I love the books a lot, and the authors are clients now, so I am very happy to promote them in whatever small way I can. 
HALLOWILLOWEEN - Nefarious Silliness from Calef Brown (Houghton) Welcome to the spooky side of #1 NYT Bestselling author/illustrator Calef Brown's imagination, where things are just as scarily silly as they seem.  SLJ says, "Brown's playful collection of poems and paintings is likely to inspire as many giggles as it does shivers. *Starred reviews from Kirkus and SLJ*

 I AM THE DOG by Daniel Pinkwater (HarperCollins)
Jacob is the boy. Max is the dog. Until they decide to change places.
Now Jacob gets to eat kibble, chase squirrels, and snooze, just like a real dog. Max brushes his teeth, goes to school, and plays video games, just like a real boy. The question is: Who has the better deal?
This is hilarious, a boy-and-dog escapade that's sure to set tails a-wagging! Illustrated by Jack E. Davis

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  1. Oh, yeah, I Am the Dog looks like lots of fun!


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