Monday, January 02, 2012

My 4th Agentversary

I officially became an agent (as in, my profile went live on the website and I started getting queries from strangers) at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2008.  That's cool, because I am forgetful about dates like that, and the New Years date is super-easy to remember. Plus it means I am like a racehorse. (This is the same reason I set Moxie's birthday to Jan 1 - she's three now.)

This is the post I wrote a year ago on my 3rd Agentversary. It's a lot about how I sold my first book, FLASH BURNOUT. That particular sale was on my mind a lot when I wrote the post, because I already knew that my dear friend and author LK Madigan (Lisa) was sick, and she passed away six weeks or so later in February of 2011.

Lisa's loss is felt keenly, and colored all of 2011 for me. Not a day goes by that I do not think about her in some way - sometimes with a tear, but just as often with a smile.  And then a tear. I miss her a lot.

Lots of other stuff happened in 2011, of course. Great new clients. Great sales. I sold my 75th book (holy moly!) and have 26 on the shelves. I had my first anniversary of living in New York, and am finally (sorta) used to it. I traveled plenty, made new friends, read heaps of great books, and spent lots of time hugging the dog. But still... a somber year. 

Anyway. I love you, internet friends. I wish you all an extremely productive and fascinating and wonderful and joyous year. Oh and I wish that for myself, too. I am choosing to be happy.