Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Happy Book Birthday: D IS FOR DRAMA

D IS FOR DRAMA by Jo Whittemore - Aug 7, Simon & Schuster
A lead role means lots of drama in this sparkling story of one tween's efforts to shine in the spotlight. 
Sunny Kim is done with one-line roles at Carnegie Arts Academy--she's ready for the lead. But even after a summer of studying with an acting coach, Sunny doesn't snag the role of Mary Poppins in her school's upcoming production.

Unfortunately, her entire family mistakenly thinks otherwise, including her former-actress mother.
Desperate for a solution, Sunny convinces her theater adviser to let her produce a one-woman show. But when the rest of her friends find out--the friends that never seem to make the playbill either--they all want to join in. Before long, Sunny is knee-deep in curtains, catfights, and chorus lines as her one-woman work turns into a staging of the hit musical "Wicked." And when a terrible misunderstanding pits the entire cast against Sunny, can the show--and Sunny's future acting career--be saved in time for opening night?
Jo is a master at writing "tween slapstick with heart." Her books really are laugh-out-loud funny, but with a core of sweetness rather than meanness. They're a delight. But they are also not dumb. After all, Sunny is dealing with something serious. Are the directors passing her over for leads because she is Korean-American, or because she isn't talented enough? What about the heavy kid, or the klutzy kid, or the "weird" kid... is it discrimination or just chance that they don't get lead roles? Will they always be "Villager #2" or "Tree"?  Sunny and her friends are determined to take the reins of their own destiny and not let anyone else define them, and I love that.

D IS FOR DRAMA will find a place in the heart of anyone who has ever felt like they don't fit in (which... is almost everyone, right?) and it is sure to please the young drama lover in your life.

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  1. Oh, God. Must read this book. Sounds like it IS my high school experience. (except insert "has a disability" instead of Korean American.)

  2. I'm ordering this book to share with my own daughters and the girls in our children's theater. I'm directing Narnia right now, and we've had to practically do grief counseling with the 40 girls who didn't get cast as Lucy, Susan or the White Witch. Can't say I blame them. You're hoping for Susan and get cast as Hag 1. Oh, the drama!

    1. Ha Michelle - I hear you. I would have DIED to be Susan, but I am pretty sure if we'd have done Narnia, I'd have been Mrs. Beaver. BOOOO. ;)

    2. Hey, she's the funniest thing in the show! (At least that's what I told my daughter who was crossing fingers for the witch role but was cast as Mrs. B.) Can't wait to read this book!

    3. I was cast as Aslan and had to wear a lion costume. It was terribly embarrassing for some reason that is not evident to me now.

      I got to take an early look at this book and it is just as hilarious as all of Jo's other books. It's probably my favorite of hers so far. Sunny is great main character, too. I hope everyone loves it!

  3. Yay! Go, Jo! Can't wait for the Austin launch this weekend.


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