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Bushman Lives! tells the tale of Harold Knishke, an ordinary Chicago kid with a special place in his heart for Bushman, the famed departed gorilla of the Lincoln Park Zoo (who now lives in the Field Museum in Chicago).

After a chance encounter at the art museum, Harold decides to change his life. He's not going to be some schlub schoolkid - he's going to be a Great Artist. Also, he's going to figure out why and how he became the object of a famous folk song. Along the way he'll run into magic and mystery and some very weird people.

In his very nice BoingBoing review, Cory Doctorow wrote: "Bushman Lives is, more than anything, a book about art, and a very good one. I'd read Pinkwater all day long even if his absurdist fairy tales were nothing more than odd little stories, but as Bushman Lives proves, Pinkwater's absurdism is a delivery system for profound and important insight that stay with you for years and decades" 

Here's the thing about Daniel Pinkwater's books. You have no idea what will be in them. You may know how normal stories unfold, and often while reading you can predict what will happen next and even how the whole thing will come out. I promise you THAT IS NOT THE CASE HERE.

This story will come at you from all angles like some sort of literary starburst. You'll find yourself thinking about it long after it is over. You'll realize after the fact that some of the things you found most absurd in the book are, in fact, totally true. You'll begin to see coincidences and strange occurrences everywhere around you. It may even change the way your mind works forever.

Enjoy. Have fun. Relax. Don't be too freaked out.



  1. But doesn't half of Daniel Pinkwater's success come from having the last name 'Pinkwater'? Of course kids are going to love an author named Pinkwater. When I decided to become a writer I wanted to change my name to Pinkwater but he'd already taken it.

  2. Dionna8:15 PM

    Can't wait to read it!

    Is The One and Only Ivan based on this same gorilla? That book is AMAZING!

    Surely, Pinkwater's Bushman Lives will not only be amazing, it'll be REALLY FUNNY, too!!!


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