Friday, November 02, 2012

KidLit Cares

Hey guys,

You'll probably be hearing about this a lot from me in the coming days, and my... well, not apologies... just warning.

As we all know by now, Hurricane Sandy has had a devastating effect on many of our friends and neighbors in NYC and beyond. My author Kate Messner has come up with a very awesome fundraiser which will allow you to help those who REALLY need it right now, and at the same time, GET STUFF.

Here's more about the auction.

The prizes at this point? Seriously almost unbelievably great for writers, teachers OR readers. 

* Skype visit with MO WILLEMS.  

* A HUGE school and library publicity/marketing package for your book. 

* A picture book crit with amazing editor Melissa Manlove from Chronicle PLUS "FREE PASS" FOR THAT BOOK TO A CHRONICLE EDITORIAL MEETING HOLY CRAP.

* a FULL YA critique with author Kody Keplinger

And so many more. Such talented and amazing authors, editors and agents are donating their time, talent and resources. PLEASE check it out and bid! Bid!

(Oh also I donated: Mine is a query critique plus 20 minute "ask me anything" phone call in which I help you get ready for the query trenches!)

Twitter: #KidLitCares

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  1. Dionna4:17 AM

    WOW! Proceeds will go to whom, and who will determine who will receive it? Maybe to a poor school that lost library books due to the storm?


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