Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Book Birthday ... TIMES TWO!

MAGIC UNDER STONE by Jaclyn Dolamore - Bloomsbury - YA Fantasy

Nimira is a fierce and passionate former chorus girl. Erris is a faerie prince trapped in the body of a clockwork man. For these star-crossed lovers there can be no happily ever after until Erris is freed from the clockwork form in which his soul is trapped. And so they go in search of the sorcerer Ordoria Valdana, hoping he will know how to grant Erris real life again. When they learn that Valdana has mysteriously vanished, Nimira decides to take matters into her own hands-and begins to study the sorcerer's spell books in secret. Yet even as she begins to understand the power and limitations of sorcery, it becomes clear that freeing Erris will bring danger--if not out-and-out war--as factions within the faerie world are prepared to stop at nothing to prevent him from regaining the throne.

This is a gorgeous sequel to MAGIC UNDER GLASS, but newcomers to the story are sure to be as utterly enchanted by Nimira and Erris's tale as fans of the first book. (And if you HAVEN'T read the first book yet, for goodness' sake get on it - it's in paperback now, you can't afford NOT to read it!)

Buy MAGIC UNDER STONE here, or at your local independent bookstore.

Buy MAGIC UNDER GLASS in paperback here, or at your local independent bookstore.

EYE OF THE STORM by Kate Messner - Bloomsbury - Middle Grade Thriller
In the not-too-distant future, huge tornadoes and monster storms have become a part of everyday life. Sent to spend the summer in the heart of storm country with her meteorological engineer father, Jaden Meggs is surprised at the strides her father's company StormSafe has made with custom shelters that keep wealthy families secure in even the worst of storms.

At her exclusive summer science camp, Eye On Tomorrow, Jaden meets Alex, a boy whose passion for science matches hers. Together, they discover that her father's company is steering storms away from the expensive neighborhoods and toward the organic farming communities that are in competition with his bio-engineered food company, NatureMade. Jaden must confront her father, but when she does, she uncovers a terrifying family secret and must call on both her scientific knowledge and her strength to save the people she loves.

For middle graders (aged 9-12) who are perhaps not QUITE ready for the blood-and-guts teen thrillers but want some pulse-pounding action of their own, Eye of the Storm is a fantastic choice. Boys or girls who are interested in science will also appreciate the "whys" and "hows" of this world, because the book is really smart. But also REALLY exciting. !!!

Buy EYE OF THE STORM here, or at your local independent bookstore.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Emergency Query Procedures- UPDATED

OK Gang! Thanks for bearing with me. I erased the previous message so nobody will link to old info. :-)

I am caught up to a normal level of queries, so regular query reading will resume effective 2/28/12.

If you sent a REQUESTED FULL before 2/1/12, I should have responded to you. If I did NOT respond to you, please email me.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Fab Feb Open Thread

I was blotting the fact that it is already FEBRUARY out of my mind, but here we are. 2012 just got real. And in celebration of a new month, we're going to do what we do EVERY month... have an Ask the Agent open thread!

Publishing questions? Zany pet pictures to share? Want to vent about something? Need love advice or help picking a college or placing a bet? Want to know what you should eat for dinner? WHATEVER. It's YOUR THREAD. Just play nicely.

Shorter answers I will do in comments, longer ones may require their own blog post.

Moderation is in place so if I am away from my desk, it may take a bit of time for questions to appear. I will stop answering in a couple of days, or when I get sick of it, whichever comes first.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Book Birthday: DROWNING INSTINCT by Ilsa J. Bick

If you liked ASHES by Ilsa J Bick... well, this has nothing to do with ASHES. It is in fact a contemporary thriller of sorts, with plenty of issues and drama and the page-turning pace that Ilsa is always known for. There are zero zombies in these pages... but you'll find yourself racing through them anyway. :-)

DROWNING INSTINCT is a fairy tale with teeth: The story of a damaged adolescent and a flawed adult that refuses to firmly fix blame but instead considers the devastating impact of secrets and self-deception.


There are stories where the girl gets her prince, and they live happily ever after. (This is not one of those stories.)

There are stories where the monster gets the girl, and everyone cries for his innocent victim. (This is not one of those stories either.)

And there are stories where it's hard to be sure who's a prince and who's a monster, who is a victim and who should live happily ever after. (These are the most interesting stories of all.)

Jenna Lord's first sixteen years were not exactly a fairy tale. Her father is a controlling psycho and her mother is a drunk. She used to count on her older brother--until he shipped off to Iraq. And then, of course, there was the time she almost died in a fire.

Mitch Anderson is many things: A dedicated teacher and coach. A caring husband. A man with a certain...magnetism.

DROWNING INSTINCT is a novel of pain, deception, desperation, and love against the odds--and the rules.

As a child psychiatrist, Ilsa Bick has treated many Jennas and Mr. Andersons, and so she knows: Good intentions make for a damned slippery slope.

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