Thursday, February 21, 2013

FISH WHISTLE by Daniel Pinkwater

If you follow me on Twitter you've probably already seen me babbling about this, but here it is in the long-form version:

I'm thrilled to tell you that Daniel Pinkwater's FISH WHISTLE is finally available as an e-version.* This is a collection of very short (and hilarious) essays and stories, many of which were originally presented on NPR's All Things Considered.

These little stories are like comfort food for me. I love these the way that I love stuff by James Thurber and David Sedaris - they are instant mood-lighteners, and you don't even need a prescription. Topics range from Hot Peppers (and the eating of them), to Crazy Dogs (and the training of them), to Art (and the making of it), and everything in between. What they have in common is great good humor.

The book originally appeared in 1990 but hasn't been electrified till now. The content has been somewhat refreshed for the new edition and there's a new introduction, so while it is not a carbon copy of the paper edition, all of Daniel's favorites, and more importantly all the fan favorites that we get requests about so often, are included.

AND the collection is currently selling for a mere $2.99 -- get em while they're hot.

**Praise for FISH WHISTLE... From Publishers Weekly

"An inspired satirist, Pinkwater speaks for all who suffer from those "Who Only Stand and Snarl," instead of doing their work; for fat people who can't lose weight; for those who can't find a real Jewish deli; for everyone benighted by life's perversities. In a lighter vein, the author tells about times at home with his wife Jill, their dogs and good friends. But readers will perhaps be most charmed by memoirs of Pinkwater's Polish immigrant parents, especially his father, who is the inspiration for "Fischvistle" and other affecting pieces."

From School Library Journal

"Readers familiar with Pinkwater's books for children will enjoy this collection of humorous adult essays. The man is mad, and so are his comments. He takes on the characters of his small town in upstate New York, as well as those of his childhood; he comments on his weight problem and various methods of weight loss; he recalls incidents experienced while traveling the world. No topic is sacred, and all are cynically hilarious. "

From Library Journal

"Almost anything-- Mad magazine, shopping malls, being a writer, air travel--will set off and away his fancy flutters on a brief, airy little excursion. He is a writer with whom the reader goes lightly. He writes to amuse, and rarely does one feel that the effort of facetiousness is too ferociously sustained... the book is wholesome medicine for gloomy moods."

* The fine print: Currently FISH WHISTLE is only available for Kindle, though other e-reader versions are forthcoming. It should be downloadable throughout the world (though foreign price depends on local currency and is not set by us.)

** Reviews for the original hardback edition.


  1. I love to laugh while reading so went to check out this book you recommend with its new great cover from my public library (I don't have a Kindle) and noticed a subtitle...COMMENTARIES, UNCOMMENTARIES, and VULGAR EXCESSES...which brings this question...Is this a PG read?

    1. I think it is a "grown up" read just because young kids would probably not care -- it's mostly about things from an adult perspective -- but there aren't bad words or anything in it. Everything in the book was aired on NPR or appeared in a national magazine or newspaper first, so.

  2. Wonderful. I've waited for FishKindleWhistle for a long time.

    Is Chicago Days/Hoboken Nights coming on Kindle soon?

    Please? :-]


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