Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So this past weekend I spent at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia which, despite freezing slushy weather, was absolutely splendid (of course! BECAUSE LIBRARIANS ARE THE BEST!) -- and which culminated, Monday morning, in the ALA Youth Media Award announcement. The ALAYMA are better known as the Newbery, Caldecott, Printz and other shiny medals given to excellent children's books every year. Ever since I was a kid I've been OBSESSED with these awards -- ever since there has been internet capability, I've watched the live stream of the announcement -- and finally, for the first time, I got to actually BE IN THE ROOM!??!

Not gonna lie, I freaked out a bit. Really. I mean, I pretty much started crying the first time one of my friend's books got an award (which was the first award given!) and didn't stop til the end. Happy tears obviously! Just, you know. A lot of emotions floating around the room, that's all. FEELINGS! CATHARSIS! CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!

Now I'm  home again and settling back into the routine. And I realized, even though it feels like a Monday, that in fact today is TUESDAY. Which means it is NEW BOOK RELEASE DAY. Which means it is time to present to you a brand-new book from Kate Messner. Welcome to the  third installment of the Marty McGuire series, MARTY McGUIRE HAS TOO MANY PETS!

The astonishingly talented illustrator of the Marty series, Brian Floca, wrote about Marty here. . . and Brian also just happened to win the Caldecott Medal yesterday for his newest solo picture book (which means, yes, he was one of the folks I was screaming/crying about.) NICE! Here's Kate's blog post on the topic.

You can buy the book from Oblong, Barnes and Noble, or wherever fine books are sold!


  1. It was awesome meeting you this past weekend! And I'm the same way. It was amazing to be this small, tiny, insignificant part of publishing history. I'm planning to keep my Cognotes and the hand-out just because I can. What an amazing experience!

  2. I have a lot of respect for the Newbery Awards- haven't read one winning book that wasn't outstanding.
    Did your winning friend know they were in the running? Were they in the room? How'd you get in there, anyway? I mean, aside from being a top-notch agent, bookseller, and great reader of children's books, did you have to slip 'em a fiver?;)

    A hearty congratulations on your latest client's book release, Jennifer.

    1. The winners find out the day of. Since any book from the year before is eligible, they don't know that they are in the running until it happens.

      The press conference where they announce the awards is in a huge ballroom in the conference center -- anyone attending ALA is free to go to it, you just have to get there at like 7am to get a good seat!

  3. Dionna12:19 PM

    Let the iron horse loud-whistle--YAHOOO! So happy for you and your friends!!


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