More About My Authors

Alphabetical by Last Name:

Ilsa J. Bick is a child and forensic psychiatrist, former Air Force Major, and film buff whose extremely creepy sensibility is shown off in books like the apocalyptic thriller ASHES Trilogy (Egmont USA) and WHITE SPACE (Egmont USA).

Gwenda Bond is a blogger and general publishing expert and gadfly who may have stepped fully formed from a 1930's screwball comedy. Her most recent novels are GIRL ON A WIRE (Skyscape) about a circus daredevil, and LOIS LANE: FALLOUT, a YA novel about everyone's favorite comic book heroine (Switch Press/DC).

Calef Brown is a poet, artist, teacher and genius whose popular picture books include the #1 NYT bestseller FLAMINGOS ON THE ROOF (Houghton). His latest book is a deluxe compilation of amazing and hilarious poems and art called HYPNOTIZE A TIGER! (Holt)

Don Brown is the award-winning author and illustrator of numerous non-fiction and historical fiction books for young readers. His forthcoming graphic novel DROWNED CITY: HURRICANE KATRINA AND NEW ORLEANS will be released by HMH in 2015, on the tenth anniversary of that disaster.

Cynthia von Buhler Hailed by the press as "multitalented and eccentric" (Boston Globe), a "rising star," (NY Arts), and "one of the top contemporary surrealists" (Art+Antiques), CvB is a fine artist and author-illustrator whose work has been likened to a trip down an ornate rabbit hole.

Cathy Camper is a librarian who makes her home in Portland, Oregon. She's also author of everything from picture books to YA lit, graphic novel enthusiast, zine creator, bug expert and seed artist. Her first graphic novel LOW RIDERS IN SPACE is new from Chronicle Books.

Nancy Castaldo is the Eastern New York SCBWI regional advisor, and also the very talented author of numerous science and nature books for young people, including SNIFFER DOGS: HOW DOGS AND THEIR NOSES SAVE THE WORLD, from Houghton.

Katherine Coville is an artist, sculptor and doll-maker who lives in a faerie-tree in Upstate New York. (That's what I imagine, anyway!) She has collaborated with her husband Bruce on many of his books, but is forging a new career as a novelist: her deliciously gothic debut THE COTTAGE IN THE WOODS is new from Knopf/Random House.

Mandy Davis has an MFA in writing for Children + Young Adults from Hamline. She also has a knack for stories that get into your heart and won't leave! Her debut STUPERSTAR is forthcoming from Katherine Tegan Books/HarperCollins.

Jaclyn Dolamore is a vintage-wearing, David Bowie-listening, organic-veggie-eating word geek who lives in Maryland. Her latest YA novels DARK METROPOLIS and GLITTERING SHADOWS (Disney-Hyperion) are shiny, scary wonderbooks set in a "Cabaret"-like world where dead people have a habit of not staying dead. 

Annabelle Fisher is the pen-name for a prolific author and educator whose identity must remain secret -- Annabelle is writing an exposé about the true heir to the real Mother Goose. You can read all about it soon, from Greenwillow/HarperCollins. 

Miriam Forster is a bookseller - and possibly lives inside a coffee machine. I  theorize that's how she gets the energy to write lush and intense fantasies like CITY OF A THOUSAND DOLLS and EMPIRE OF SHADOWS (HarperCollins). 

Sonia Gensler was probably born in the wrong century, and possibly on the wrong continent... but we'll keep her anyway. Her latest YA is THE DARK BETWEEN, all about spiritualism, seances, and things that go bump in the night -- her forthcoming middle grade, GHOSTLIGHT, will give you goosebumps! (Knopf)

Alex Gino loves glitter, ice-cream, and middle grade fiction that will get you right in the feel. Their debut novel GEORGE is about a third grader whom the world sees as a boy, but who is in fact a girl. GEORGE is coming August 25, 2015 from Scholastic.

Emily Hainsworth can groom dogs better than you. But she won't cause she's too busy writing brilliant high concept YA like her debut THROUGH TO YOU and forthcoming thriller TAKE THE FALL (Balzer+Bray/HC)

Ward Jenkins is an animator and illustrator whose inspirations come from places as diverse as vintage books, old-school hip-hop and graffiti. His latest SAN FRANCISCO, BABY! and NEW YORK, BABY! (Chronicle) are fun, bright romps with toddlers through their respective cities.

Tara Kelly is an web designer, freelance editor, kitty snuggler, and one-girl band. Oh and also the kick-ass author of the rocking YA novels HARMONIC FEEDBACK and AMPLIFIED (Holt). Her next novel, THE FOXGLOVE KILLINGS, is about a serial killer stalking a Pacific Northwest beach town, and it is guaranteed to freak you out.

Eric A. Kimmel is the prolific, award-winning and beloved author of such inspired tales as HERSHEL AND THE HANUKKAH GOBLINS. His most recent is the delightful HANUKKAH BEAR from Holiday House. Eric tells stories that you'll remember for a lifetime.

Kristen Kittscher is a spy who...oh I probably shouldn't have said that. Ahem. She's totally NOT a spy, but the absolutely normal *cough* author of tween mysteries WIG IN THE WINDOW and TIARA ON THE TERRACE (harpercollins 2013).

James Klise was a 2011 Stonewall Award Honoree for his first novel LOVE DRUGGED (Flux). His latest novel is the 2015 Edgar Award winning THE ART OF SECRETS (Algonquin), the story of a crime and its aftermath told from ten points of view, all of them unreliable.

Alisa Kwitney is a former editor of comics at Vertigo and the author of a number of great grownup books. Nowadays, she's turned her attention to beautifully-wrought, creepy AND romantic young adult historicals. More about her first YA to come!

Erin J. Lange is a news producer by day and YA author by night. Her stories are edgy and dark, but full of heart. Her debut YA, BUTTER (Bloomsbury), was released in Fall 2012, her latest is DEAD ENDS, also from Bloomsbury, and next up, REBEL BULLY GEEK PARIAH, which is like Breakfast Club on speed.

R.C. Lewis is a high school math and physics teacher. Her debut novel is a work of geeky-tough-chick science fiction awesomeness called STITCHING SNOW, new from Disney/Hyperion. A followup, SPINNING STARLIGHT, is forthcoming.

Sarah Darer Littman is an award-winning author and outspoken political commentator whose YA books have started vital conversations about tough topics. Her latest YA title BACKLASH (Scholastic) - is an important and unputdownable book about the fallout from internet bullying.

LK Madigan (aka Lisa) is the very beloved author of the first book I ever sold, FLASH BURNOUT, as well as THE MERMAID'S MIRROR (houghton). She passed away in 2011 but is in our hearts (and on our bookshelves!) forever.

Kate Messner is an educator and the author of LOTS of books for young folks. Her debut BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z. (walker) was an EB White Read-Aloud Award winner. Her latest, ALL THE ANSWERS, is new from Bloomsbury, and it masterfully blends serious with magical. She also pens chapter books and picture books and non-fiction, because she is unstoppable!

Whitney A. Miller is a world-traveler and bon vivant who can probably beat you in a fight, but is terrible at keeping houseplants alive. She is not, however, the Whitney Miller who won Masterchef (sad, I wanted a pie!). Her debut YA horror novel THE VIOLET HOUR is new from Flux, a sequel THE CRIMSON GATE is forthcoming.

Stephanie Oakes is a middle school teacher by day, author of gritty-but-magical YA by night. Her pulse-pounding debut novel THE SACRED LIES OF MINNOW BLY, about a girl raised in a cult who is accused of a crime, is new from Dial/Penguin.

Gina Willner Pardo lives near the beach and writes wonderful books, most of them for young people. Her most recent title PRETTIEST DOLL (clarion) is about a 13-year-old runaway beauty queen.

Daniel Pinkwater is the author of eleventy-billion wildly popular books for children and young adults including THE HOBOKEN CHICKEN EMERGENCY, THE BIG ORANGE SPLOT and THE NEDDIAD. His most recent picture book is BEAR IN LOVE (Candlewick); his most recent novel is BUSHMAN LIVES! (Houghton). He can frequently be heard on NPR, SiriusXM, and on certain better French classical music stations.

Jill Pinkwater is a novelist and illustrator, well known for her goofy and noble Wolves, Polar Bears, Chickens. Her most recent picture book collaboration with husband Daniel Pinkwater is BEAUTIFUL YETTA, THE YIDDISH CHICKEN (Feiwel+Friends) and its sequel. She is hard at work on illustrations for a new book about a stray dog.

Karen Rivers is the sassy and classy Canadian author of books for YA and MG, most recently FINDING RUBY STARLING, from AAL/Scholastic. She also has YA titles forthcoming from FSG and MG titles forthcoming from Algonquin Young Readers.

Mara Rockliff writes lots of things, mostly non-fiction and picture books. Her latest are MESMERIZED, all about the debunking of Dr Mesmer by Ben Franklin with illustrations by Iacopo Bruno (Candlewick), and GINGERBREAD FOR LIBERTY!, the story of a little-known hero of the American Revolution with illustrations by Vincent X Kirsch (HMH).

Paul Ruditis is the slightly TV obsessed NYT bestselling author of tons of media tie-ins as well as the popular DRAMA! series (S+S) among others. He's now working on something all-new and top secret... more will be revealed soon.

Sergio Ruzzier is a phenomenal author-illustrator and recipient of the Sendak fellowship.  His stories and paintings are filled with creatures like curious moles, cuddly bears, anxious cats, pensive ferrets and cannibalistic birds.

Patrick Samphire is the otherworldly author of countless science fiction and fantasy stories. He's also a talented web and ebook designer and toddler-wrangler. His debut middle grade novel SECRETS OF THE DRAGON TOMB is forthcoming from Christy Ottaviano Books, a division of Henry Holt.

Erica Sirotich is basically the cutest thing on wheels. Her adorable little-kid illustrations and stories are perfect for the smallest and sweetest of folks. Her debut as author-illustrator will be FOUND DOGS, coming in 2017 from Dial/Penguin.

Sarah Jamila Stevenson is a writer, artist, graphic designer, introvert, closet geek, enthusiastic eater, struggling blogger, lapsed piano player, household-chore-ignorer and occasional world traveler. Her first book LATTE REBELLION came out from Flux in 2011, her latest is THE UNDERNEATH, also from Flux.

Paula Stokes is the author of the totally delicious and adorable rom-com THE ART OF LAINEY (HarperCollins, 2014) and the twisty mystery LIARS INC (HC 2015) -- with lots more exciting stuff to come. Stay tuned!

McCormick Templeman's debut novel was THE LITTLE WOODS (Random House, 2012), a smart, atmospheric debut about mysterious disappearances at an elite boarding school. Her work will creep you out!  But in a good way. Also look for THE GLASS CASKET, new from Random House.

Raúl the Third is a fine artist and comic illustrator who lives and works in Massachusetts. His art is all over museums, and in bookstores, too. He is the illustrator of the awesome LOW RIDERS IN SPACE, penned by Cathy Camper and new from Chronicle.

Maggie Tokuda-Hall is a San Francisco publishing pro. You may have seen her reading stories to tots, or hosting awesome teen events in her role as a bookseller. Soon she'll be signing books as well as slinging them; her debut AND ALSO AN OCTOPUS is forthcoming from Candlewick.

Jennifer Torres is a journalist by trade - but now she turns her attention to writing delightfully charming middle grade from diverse perspectives. Her debut STEF SOTO: TACO QUEEN is forthcoming from Little Brown Books for Young Readers.

Tiffany Trent is often found bonnet-clad and bear-wrangling. Other times she's net-clad and bee-wrangling. When she's not doing either of those, she's penning gorgeous Steampunkian fantasies like THE UNNATURALISTS and its sequel THE TINKER KING (Simon+Schuster).

Linda Urban is the perfectly wonderful author of perfectly wonderful middle grades like CROOKED KIND OF PERFECT and THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING, and the picture book MOUSE WAS MAD. And there's even some other stuff up her sleeves. More about that soon!

Vivian Vande Velde is the author of countless books for kids and young adults. Well, OK, you can probably count them, but LOTS, is what I'm saying. They range from delightful fantasy to creepy scary to contemporary realistic. She's done it all, and can do it all. New book news is forthcoming.

Becky Wallace is a full time YA writer, volunteer teacher, mom of three little kids and owner of one psycho-puppy. Quite a full plate! Her debut fantasy THE STORYSPINNER is new from Simon and Schuster.

Ellen Emerson White is the author of many fine books, including the President's Daughter series. When not rooting for baseball teams (go Red Sox!), she's taking pictures of them in her other life as a sports photographer. Her next novel is totally different, an ensemble comedy about rescue dogs, and it's aaaaa-dorable.

Jo Whittemore is a Texas Sweetheart who knows how to bring the funny - her middle grade novels from S+S include FRONT PAGE FACE-OFF and D IS FOR DRAMA, and they are LOLarious. Her latest novel is COLONIAL MADNESS, and can best be described as "Westing Game meets Gilmore Girls." (!!!!)

Diane Zahler is a waffle and beer enthusiast who normally lives in NY but is a sometime-inhabitant of Belgium. She is the author of gorgeous fairy tale reimaginings including PRINCESS OF THE WILD SWANS and SLEEPING BEAUTY'S DAUGHTERS (HarperCollins).