Recent Sales, by Category

This is a sampling of recent sales. A more complete list can be found on my Publishers Marketplace page.


MG - Mandy Davis's debut STUPERSTAR, about a boy with Asperger's who is enrolled in public school for the first time; he'll have to navigate the choppy waters of fifth grade equipped with only his unique world-view, resilient spirit, and Superman figurine, to Katherine Tegan Books/HarperCollins, in a two-book deal.
YA - Becky Wallace's debut THE STORYSPINNER, a magical adventure in which a case of mistaken identity exposes a young performer to a danger she could have never imagined and a secret her father died to protect, to Simon and Schuster Children's, in a two-book deal.

YA - Stephanie Oakes's debut THE SACRED LIES OF MINNOW BLY, pitched as loosely based on the Grimm tale "The Handless Maiden," in which a girl must rebuild her life after escaping from a religious commune and being imprisoned in a juvenile detention center, to Dial/Penguin, in a two-book deal.

PB - Debut author and bookseller Maggie Tokuda-Hall's AND ALSO AN OCTOPUS, a picture book about writing and life starring a ukulele-playing octopus and his bunny sidekick, to Candlewick.

MG - Patrick Samphire's SECRETS OF THE DRAGON TOMB, set in a very proper Regency-era British colony on Mars, where a boy who has always dreamed of being a spy gets more than his share of adventure when a villainous archeologist kidnaps his parents, and he and his sisters must trek across an inhospitable planet to save them; in a two-book deal to Christy Ottaviano Books/Macmillan.

YA - R.C. Lewis's debut STITCHING SNOW, in which a royal teen runaway is scraping together a living in a mining settlement on the far side of the universe, until she is discovered and "rescued" against her will... a rescue operation that just might kill her, to Disney-Hyperion, in a six-figure deal, in a two-book deal.

Young Adult 

Paula Stokes's VICARIOUS, in which a high-tech Korean stunt girl searches worlds both real and virtual to find her missing sister, to Tor Teen in a two-book deal, at auction.

WANT TO GO PRIVATE author Sarah Darer Littman's BACKLASH, a ripped-from-the-headlines tale told from multiple points of view about a "Catfish"-style prank that spins wildly out of control, to Scholastic.

BUTTER author Erin Jade Lange's REBEL BULLY GEEK PARIAH, pitched as part thriller/part Breakfast Club on wheels, in a two-book deal, again to Bloomsbury.

BLACKWOOD author Gwenda Bond's GIRL ON A WIRE, about a girl from a legendary circus family who performs as a daredevil high wire walker; when mysterious accidents begin to plague the circus, she must team up with her arch-rival to solve the crimes, or she might just be the next victim, to Skyscape.

Jaclyn Dolamore's DARK METROPOLIS, about a city in which corruption and vice are rampant and disappearances warrant only a shrug from the authorities: when a girl vanishes, her best friend must search the city's underground, only to find that here, people who die don't necessarily stay dead, to Disney-Hyperion, at auction, in a six-figure deal, in a two-book deal.

Middle Grade

Karen Rivers's THE GIRL IN THE WELL IS ME, about an 11-year-old who has an accident trying to impress some bullies; trapped in the dark, growing increasingly claustrophobic, she reflects on what has brought her to this point, in a two-book deal to Algonquin Young Readers.

Sonia Gensler's GHOSTLIGHT, a contemporary ghost story about two kids who decide to spend their summer vacation making a scary movie, only to discover the house where they're filming is actually haunted, to Knopf/Random House.

Katherine Coville's COTTAGE IN THE WOODS, a gothic reimagining of Goldilocks that will upend everything you've been told about the Enchanted Forsest, to Knopf/Random House.

Kate Messner's new series RANGER IN TIME, about a search-and-rescue dog whose nose for trouble (helped by a bit of magic) sends him on some very unexpected adventures, in a four-book deal, to Scholastic

 Jo Whittemore's COLONIAL MADNESS, about a zany mother and her sensible daughter who have the opportunity to claim a relative's fortune, but find there are just a few pesky strings attached, pitched as Westing Game meets Gilmore Girls, again to Aladdin/Simon and Shuster.

Eric A. Kimmel's MAGIC CARPET series, about modern-day twins whose family heirloom sends them back into history to get tangled up in dangerous situations they've only ever heard about in legend, to Kar-Ben/Lerner

Cathy Camper's LOW RIDERS IN SPACE, a mg graphic novel with illustrations by fine artist Raul Gonzalez, about three unlikely friends (a mosquito, an octopus, and an impala) who work as mechanics but dream of having a flashy custom car of their own, in a two-book deal, to Chronicle Children's.

Picture book and Nonfiction

Nancy Castaldo's THE STORY OF SEEDS, an investigative call to action that invites young readers to understand where their food comes from, why seeds are in peril and what people around the globe are doing to protect biodiversity, to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Daniel Pinkwater's charming follow-up to BEAR IN LOVE, in which Bear and Bunny adopt an unusual pet, again to Candlewick.

NYT bestselling author/illustrator Calef Brown's HYPNOTIZE A TIGER, a collection of nonsense verse and line drawings, to Christy Ottaviano Books/Macmillan.

ME AND MOMMA AND BIG JOHN author Mara Rockliff's ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY ADDIE, the true story of Adelaide Herrmann, who for 50-plus years was the internationally famous "Queen of Magic" with a career that would rival that of Houdini, but who today is largely forgotten; to Candlewick.

Kate Messner's UP IN THE GARDEN AND DOWN IN THE DIRT, a follow-up to Over and Under the Snow that tells the story of a garden and its hidden secrets, again to be illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal, to Chronicle Children's.