Saturday, May 15, 2010

How far can I go (with an analogy)?

Today in one of my critique sessions, an author asked me if, from an agent's perspective, it was "OK to be an unpublished writer."

I told him that in a way, sometimes, it can even be preferable.

Sure, your "cool" friends might make fun of you for not being published yet. But so what? Good writers know that there is nothing wrong with waiting for the right deal to come along. Take pride in being a debut author!

Anyway, I'd rather my authors not be seen as having "been around the block" too many times, as desperate, or as easy pickins, available for any old weirdo with a few dirty dollar bills and a wrinkled contract in his hand. (And nobody wants to hear how much you "experimented" with self-publishing.)

Your perfect agent or editor will appreciate that you waited, and will love that you chose to share your gift with them. After all, you can only debut once.

And... err...


  1. Tee hee, it's like 'saving' yourself for marriage!

  2. clientm5:38 AM

    "Make believe it's your first time, and I'll make believe it's mine."

    --The Carpenters

  3. HA!

    See, I have been saving myself and I am feeling much readier to commit. All pure and all!

    GREAT meeting you!! Will surely be sending a sub to you asap! I only want to send you my best.


  4. A debut author. I've never heard that one before. I like it.

  5. I'm being patient and holding off on subbing until my manuscripts are the best I can make them. Sometimes it's hard. I'm looking forward to being a debut author (soon - ?). Patience, patience, patience.


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