Monday, January 10, 2011

Link Roundup

I have to share some stuff with you guys so these rascally tabs can be closed. And I can't concentrate on writing a long blog post because Moxie the Dog is going crazy trying to find a mouse that is hidden in the walls and making noise. Argh. ANYWAY:

As most of you know, the ALA youth media awards (including the Newbery, Caldecott and Printz awards, among many others) were announced today. Many congratulations to all!

The Association of Jewish Libraries also announced their awards. Congrats to clients Margie Gelbwasser, Daniel and Jill Pinkwater for being named Sydney Taylor Notable books.

Client Kate Messner wrote a wonderful, and inspiring, and tear-inducing post that everyone who writes for kids must read. Particularly if you DIDN'T win a fancy award today.

YA author Lisa Schroeder on why "Oh Well" should be in every author's vocabulary. A great post for perspective.

Last year's Morris Award winner, my client L.K. Madigan, interviewed this year's winner, Blythe Woolston.

I'm on the front page of the HuffPo books section dishing out kids book advice with my pal David Henry Sterry. Me = loudmouth.

My friend (and non-client) Laurel Snyder reveals her beautiful new book cover. Swoon!

What is up in YOUR worlds?