Friday, March 11, 2011

My Kinks

These are elements of a story that I am a total sucker for. I do love regular old contemporary YA and middle grade stories too, and I love plenty of stories that have NONE of these elements -- but these are my (not-so-secret) kinks. Seriously - if any of these are present I am almost guaranteed to like the book/movie/tv show/story, or at least give it a huge chance.


* Regency / Victorian / Edwardian Era - UK, Europe and US (1811-1910)

* WW1 / between the wars / WW2 / Blitz / Relocated Children - England

* 1920's - 1940's USA (especially Hollywood & NYC)

* Wiemar-era Berlin  (or anything with German Expressionist flavor)

* British Raj / Partition India

* Boarding School / Prep School / Drama School

* Secret Societies / Insular Groups different from "norm" society

* Ensemble Performance / Behind the Scenes - in other words, the reality behind busy restaurant, theatre, hotel, newspaper, sports team, movie set, etc.


* Girls Dressed as Boys / Drag Queens / Dandies / Disguises / Secret Identities / Cross-dressing

* Makeovers

* Fashion Shows / Modeling / Clothes & Fabric

* Star is Born / Rags to Riches stories (Or even better: Riches to Rags to Riches, a la Little Princess)

* Theatre / Circus / Vaudeville or other Artist/performer

* The Olympics / Olympic-level training (esp: Skating, Gymnastics and similar 'artistic' solitary sports)

* Charismatic Older Men Taking Care of Young Girls and Vice-Versa (think: The Professional, Daddy Long-Legs, Paper Moon, True Grit -- or, Bela Karolyi & Nadia Comeneci)

* Con Artists / Art Fraud / Grifters / Mafia

* Prostitutes / Dance-Hall Girls / Rough Trade

* Gypsies / Fortune Tellers

* Servants / Butlers / Governesses "goings on below stairs" stories

* Assassins / Spies / Sleuths / Genius Problem Solvers (Sherlock, Dr. Who, Jeeves)

* Golems / Manikins / Androids / Humanoids / Automatons


What about you? What are the 'kinks' that you tend to go for in a story?

ETA: I am cheating - my client Jackie Dolamore did her own post on the subject, and I want to take all of her answers too!  LOVE!