Sunday, July 31, 2011

Awesome August Open Thread

I have three big posts going. One of them is an FAQ with a billion links, and it is taking forever. Two of them started as useful and ended up turning on me and becoming ranty -- need a bit of space before I go back and edit them for public consumption.

Soooo... I am starting the August open thread early. I will be away from my computer a lot the next couple of days, but I will hop on and answer periodically whenever I have the chance. So hit me with your publishing/agentish/booksellerish/etc questions. Or post pictures of cute animals, jokes, or whatever, that's fine too! ;-)

* Things I've answered a thousand times will go in the FAQ post.

* Things that require huge answers may get their own post.

* Everything else will be answered in the comments.

OK... GO!