Thursday, August 05, 2010

In the Spotlight

Ever wanted to know every single thing about me ever?

Check out this astonishingly thorough "Agent Spotlight" on Casey McCormick's Literary Rambles blog.  Literary Rambles looks like a terrific resource for agently research, so if you are on the hunt for representation, bookmark it!  (But never forget to visit the agents own website as well, just to make sure all the info you gather is up-to-date.)


  1. well, let's be honest: it's everything about you as an agent--but that's not the sum total of who you are.

    (OTOH, it was certainly enough to put you at the top of my agents to query for my humorous MG steampunkish tale of a young lab apprentice who has to try to recover a renegade steam-driven pterodactyl)

    : )

  2. Isn't Casey amazing?


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