Saturday, August 14, 2010

On the Road

As many of you know, I am moving to New York for a while, which means I've packed up all my stuff and am driving cross-country this week. (Currently in Wyoming!) I'm having fun, but it is exhausting, and I am definitely not going to be coming up with any new content here for a while. :-)

If you'd like to follow me on the road, I am posting occassional pictures and fun stuff on twitter at #roadtrip10

Otherwise, I do have my phone and can check internet occassionally, so if it is urgent, by all means contact me -- but if it can wait, that would be good. I should arrive by 8/20, be settling in to my New York digs by 8/23, and back in the swing of things for real by September.

Thanks for your patience!


  1. Wow. That has to be some long move if you're going to New York by going through Wyoming. I live in Wyoming. :-)

  2. Yep Dawn - SF to NY necessitates a drive through Wyoming.

  3. I just drove from California to Minnesota. Such a long trip. But if you go through the mountains, it's totally worth it.

  4. Having just moved from Arkansas to Idaho via California, I can only send you moving-sanity vibes. There is So. Much. SPACE. in the US. It's amazing (not to mention looooooooong).

    I-80 is a lot more scenic than some routes. At least you have grass and stuff...


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