Tuesday, January 01, 2013

5th Agentversary + 2012 by the numbers

Today marks my 5th agentversary. Here's my post from last year on the subject. And this one from two years ago has the tale of how I became an agent and the story of the first book I ever sold.

So you know, I've already done the wordy thing. This year I did a bit of number-crunching instead. Depending on your POV, this'll be either deadly boring or geekily interesting - if the former, forgive me, please do skip it. Here's 2012 by the numbers:

In 2012, I got approximately 4200 queries (an average of 80 per week). I didn't actually count this part, but I'm gonna take an educated guess and say about half were not even in genres I represent, were not addressed to me, were barely in English, had attachments or otherwise didn't follow submission guidelines, and thus were automatic deletes. (In other words: if you are following guidelines and subbing the correct material, you're already in the top 50%!)

So let's call it about 2000 viable queries. Of those, I took on seven new clients (aka, .35%).Of those, two were total slush-puppies and debuts (one of which I signed right away, one after a revise-and-resubmit). Two were referrals (one previously published, one not). One I knew in real life from SCBWI (previously published). One I met on twitter, then in real life, before she queried me (previously published). One, another debut, I knew in real life from my old bookstore job! Of the seven new clients, four are debuts, six have have deals done or in progress, and one I haven't yet sent out.

In 2012, I sold 14 YA,  9 MG,  6 PB.

Of these, seven were debuts: Three YA and two each MG and PB.

This also marked the year I sold my 100th* title. I'm at 103 now (46 of which have been released), and the breakdown is:

 Total: 44 YA, 32 MG, 27 PB


I guess that I work with totally awesome authors and illustrators, that books are still selling, that good stories are still finding readers, and that it was a very busy and very productive 2012. So let's do it again in 2013!

Wishing you time to read, inspiration to write, and much happiness in the coming year. :-)

*I'm not counting foreign sales, subrights sales or sales where I rep both the author and illustrator - that would get way too complicated. Each book only counts once.


  1. Happy agentversary! Kudos and congrats. :)

  2. Pie graphs! *geeky heart swells*

    May the next five be at least as awesome. :)

    (Word verification is wardtat ... so now I'm thinking of @wardomatic and tattoos.) o.O

  3. Oh, Lordy. Two thousand countable subs... Well, I wasn't anywhere in there, so I can safely sigh with admiration/exasperation.

    What is clear from the numbers is that you do take on what you feel confident you'll sell.

  4. This might be a dumb question, but what does PB mean again?

  5. This was a fun read :) Yes, I am this sort of geek!

    Congrats on a successful 2012, and I bet 2013 is just as good if not better!

  6. That was interesting! Congrats! =)

  7. Congrats on your fifth anniversary, a wonderful achievement by all counts.



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